Navigating Her 4 Week Mood Cycle

Hi, my name is Gary Simmons and I wrote the book 'The Nature of a Woman: Navigating Her 4 Week Mood Cycle.'

It’s true, I've been dating since I was 14 years old.

Many of these relationships were quite serious and there were some girlfriends who I lived with.

When I was in my 40‘s finally, for the first and only time, I asked my last girlfriend to marry me and thankfully, she said yes! Now I’m a happily married man in my 50’s.

So, what do I know about living with women?

Firstly, I love women and I always wanted a committed relationship, but it took me ages to settle down because I just couldn't find an equilibrium within my home life.

There were always problems. Every few weeks I'd be faced with what seemed to be dramatic mood swings. I had to regularly defend myself from hurtful and irrational accusations.

There were tears ...and arguments.

If you've experienced this in your relationship you'll know that living like this is very stressful.

I was determined to find out WHY this was happening... so I didn't give up.

Over the years and through the decades I started to see a very distinct pattern emerge in the way women behave, as well as how guys tend to react to these patterns. I noticed that women have a 4 week mood cycle that coincides with their menstrual cycle.

Most guys know that PMS exists, however there is a WHOLE LOT MORE going on throughout the other weeks of a woman's cycle.

My discoveries are quite profound and my strategies for working through these mood cycles actually work. If you can relate to where I've been in my relationships, I'm sure you can imagine how wonderful it would be to create a relationship with your wife or girlfriend that is calm, harmonious and enjoyable.

If you're having some tough times with your partner and you want to understand WHAT'S REALLY GOING ON and what's causing the problems in your home life, feel free to browse around my blog.

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